1. Local, Family-Owned Business

Our names are Brendan and Lauren, and we are husband & Wife. We run Holly Hill Rat Removal LLC. Working with us means that you can call and speak with us directly if you have any questions or concerns. We're often in our Orando office during the week.

Working with a local company also means that we know Rats in Holly Hill Florida. Unlike the national companies that apply the same method all across the country, we use the techniques that work best in Holly Hill Florida to help you with your Rat Removal Needs! Brendan went to the University of Florida to recieve his education in Entomology (The study of Insects) with emphasis on Urban Wildlife Management, he is hands down one of the best Rat Trapps in all of Florida!

2. 25+ Years of Combined Experience

We are proud that we have been serving the community for Rat Removal Services here in Holly Hill Florida for Several Years. Brendan opened up Centurian Wildlife Control in 2013 and has since colaborated and hired well expereinced rat removal specialists that together offer collective experience well beyone 25+ years. There is ALOT of diversity when it comes to Rodent removal, that is why he has HAND PICKED some of the best Rat Trappers around Florida to make his SPECTACULAR Rodent Removal Team!

3. Free Inspection, Free Estimate

We understand that you likely have questions and concerns. A rodent infestation can be a rough time for a family. For this reason, we always offer a free inspection and estimate. Following this inspection, your fully licensed technician will be happy to answer all of your questions. We will put you at ease by involving you in the process and developing an individualized pest plan for you.